Solenoid valve selection

Solenoid valve selection should follow the five principles of safety, science, reliability, applicability andeconomy as well as the field operating conditions such as: the size ofthe valve diameter, working pressure.medium type, medium temperature, ambient temperature, power supplyvoltage, connection mode,installation mode,valve body material,specialoptions, etc.ltis important to remember that we can helpyou and feelfree to contactus with anytechnicalneeds

Selection Basis:
1, according to the pipeline parameters to selectthe solenoid valve: diameter specifications (DN).interface mode
) Determine the diameter (DN) size according to the field pipe inner diameter size or flow requirement2)Interface mode, general>;ForDN50, selectflanged interface,lt;
The DN50 can be selectedaccordingtothe user's needs2, according to the fluid parameters to selectthe solenoid valve: material, temperature group1) Corrosive fluid: corrosion resistant solenoid valve and all stainless steel should be selected:Edible ultra-clean fluid: food grade stainless steel solenoid valve should be selected;2) high temperature fluid: to choose the use of high temperature resistant electrical materials andsealing materials made ofsolenoid valve, and to choose the type of piston structure;3) Fluid state: up to gaseous, liquid or mixed state, especially when the diameter is greater than DN25must be distinguished:
4) fluid viscosity: usuallyin the following 50CST can be arbitrarily selected,ifmore than this value, youshould choose high viscosity solenoidvalve.
3, according to the pressure parameters to choose the solenoid valve: principle and structure varieties) Nominal pressure: this parameter has the same meaning as other general valves and is determinedaccordingtothenominalpressure ofthepipeline:2) working pressure:ifthe working pressure is low, the direct acting principle must be selected:When the minimum working pressure difference is above 0.1Mpa, direct acting type, step-by-step directactingtype and pilot type can be selected.
4,electricalchoice: votage specifications should be as far as possible to choose AC220V,DC24is moreconvenient.
5,according to the duration of the work to choose: normally closed, normally open, or sustainable power1) when the solenoid valve needs a long time to open, and the duration of the time is more than the closing
time should beused normally open type;2) fthe open time is shortorthe open and close timeis not much, then choose the normallyclosed type;3) But some working conditions used for safety protection, such as furnace and kiln flame monitoring, cannot choose normally open, should choose long-term powertype.
6,according to the requirements ofthe environment to choose the auxiliaryfunctions: explosion-proof
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