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After-sales services
Technical support and training
We will provide technical documentation and user manuals for our products and arrange for experts to provide further training and support. We will also evaluate the capabilities of your equipment operators to develop training plans to fully explain equipment operations such as using and maintaining the system, as well as equipment failure troubleshooting and repairing.
Phone-based technical guidance
Clients can contact our technical support personnel by calling us at +86 21-65566666 for a guaranteed rapid response (the hotline is available 24/7, 365 days a year). We guarantee a rapid response to any issues at any time. After receiving a client's technical support request or repair request, we will immediately call the client to understand the issue and assist the client with troubleshooting to solve the issue. For technical issues that cannot be solved immediately, we will record it in our client report system and notify the client of the expected repair time.
Remote intelligent services
We use modern technologies such as AR to remotely interact with our clients on-site to troubleshoot in real time and solve hardware and software failures. This helps minimize the number of equipment interruptions, helping our clients return to being fully operational and maximizing efficiency. Some examples include:
  • ● Coordinating after-sales remote technical support
  • ● Remotely guiding clients to solve product usage issues, and providing clients with professional and efficient remote troubleshooting
  • ● Collecting and summarizing product quality information from various channels, giving feedback to relevant departments in real time for improvement, and following up the problems until they are solved
  • ● Assisting personnel to appraise the quality of spare parts
  • ● Summarizing remote and on-site technical support reports to build a remote troubleshooting case library, to create standard response operating procedures
  • ● Preparing remote technical support manuals and improvingservice procedures
  • ● Communicating with on-site technical support personnel during support and repairs
Emergency repairs and maintenance
Emergency repairs: We guarantee rapid, accurate and effective repairs in any instance of equipment failure, to minimize operator losses caused by equipment downtime and reduce maintenance costs. Maintenance services: We offer maintenance services for the system and equipment within and outside the warranty period. This refers to maintaining the equipment to keep it in peak operational condition and continually improve its performance.
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